Sensational design creates a three-dimensional facial line from any angle. Beauty that adheres to moderation, Etonne Petit


With sincerity and integrity. From interest to pride.

Etonne is dedicated to discovering each customer's true beauty, not just replicating identical faces or following trends with customized surgeries. 

Instead, we sincerely listen to each individual's concerns, customizing our approach to healthy beauty based on Etonne's treatment philosophy, prioritizing the use of the safest and most effective products. Using only safe and high-quality materials for the best results is also a matter of pride for Etonne.

With meticulousness, effectively. Safely, artistically.

Etonne's attention to detail in providing personalized care for each patient amplifies the effects of beauty, leading to the best outcomes.

The satisfactory results from a delicate and perfect treatment process offer stable maintenance and careful management, ensuring long-lasting beauty without discomfort. Natural lines and volume. Artistic outcomes. Etonne prioritizes perfection, delicacy, and healthy cosmetic procedures that adhere to moderation.

Medical Laser

Like magic, a dramatic and radiant transformation.

Adding just a simple touch can change the impression. For natural beauty, Etonne adheres to the basics, analyzes properly, and provides definitive care

Adding Brightness

Assessing the skin's condition, including the thickness of fat and the degree of muscle development, and tightening loose skin tissue to enhance elasticity. It fundamentally stimulates regeneration from the surface to the depth of the skin, improving pores, wrinkles, and scars, and adds a whitening effect to create clear and radiant skin.

Enhanced Naturally

Bright facial tone and firm skin elasticity. Among various types of medical laser devices, the most suitable method is recommended for each individual, and the procedure is directly performed by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in laser treatments. There is minimal pain, the effect is immediate, and even small changes can bring great satisfaction.

Quick Surgery, Quick Recovery

Plastic surgeons with skilled techniques and a fine touch perform surgery efficiently to minimize physical stress, allowing for a quick return to daily activities, even as soon as the day after surgery.

Surgery time



After care

Stitch removal

Recovery time

about 20-30min

local anesthesia

Discharge on the day of surgery



Make-up possible after treatment