Sensational design creates a three-dimensional facial line from any angle. Beauty that adheres to moderation, Etonne Petit


With sincerity and integrity. From interest to pride.

Etonne is dedicated to discovering each customer's true beauty, not just replicating identical faces or following trends with customized surgeries. 

Instead, we sincerely listen to each individual's concerns, customizing our approach to healthy beauty based on Etonne's treatment philosophy, prioritizing the use of the safest and most effective products. Using only safe and high-quality materials for the best results is also a matter of pride for Etonne.

With meticulousness, effectively. Safely, artistically.

Etonne's attention to detail in providing personalized care for each patient amplifies the effects of beauty, leading to the best outcomes.

The satisfactory results from a delicate and perfect treatment process offer stable maintenance and careful management, ensuring long-lasting beauty without discomfort. Natural lines and volume. Artistic outcomes. Etonne prioritizes perfection, delicacy, and healthy cosmetic procedures that adhere to moderation.


Effectiveness over efficiency, completely and safely.

Even a simple addition can change the impression. For natural beauty, Etonne adheres to the basics, analyzes correctly, and provides certain care.

Adding Meticulously

By assessing the skin condition, including the thickness of fat and the degree of muscle development, and considering the position of wrinkles and muscles when making facial expressions, the precise amount of Botox is safely and carefully injected. It enhances the desired areas by improving pores, fine lines, and skin tone, filling in the charm where needed.

Enhanced Naturally.

To ensure that facial expressions remain natural, an appropriate dose of botulinum toxin is injected precisely at the correct locations. The procedure is carried out with the expertise of a plastic surgeon who is well-acquainted with the anatomical structure through surgery. The treatment, despite being simple, is performed meticulously to create natural beauty with minimal swelling.

Adding Safely

Botulinum toxin preparations are used not only for cosmetic purposes but also as a treatment for various areas. To enhance their effectiveness, precise injections are required at the correct points, in the appropriate dosage, with safety in mind for healthy care. Etonne increases satisfaction by injecting the best products that offer excellent efficacy and safety, reducing the possibility of resistance development and decreasing immune responses for those concerned about developing tolerance to Botox.

Surgery time